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Killer Abs 3


You got your training jump-started in Killer Abs, stepped up your game in Killer Abs Part 2… now, schools out! CALISTHENICS KINGZ proudly presents the long-awaited, most advanced workout in the Killer Abs Series: KILLER ABS 3 – THE ABSASSINATION!

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Product Full Details:

Hit’s Solution to Killer Abs 3 is a monster program, incorporating only the most intense exercise regimens involving:

– Fewer Rest Periods
– Longer Burnout Sessions
– Gut-wrenching Techniques

Along with THE 4 Ds: DRIVE, DEDICATION, DISCIPLINE, and DETERMINATION — the very essence of the CALISTHENICS KINGZ workout mentality — the willing challenger of this program will find themselves testament to a gut check of biblical proportions. What’s more? Not only is this program geared towards (and been trialed for) seasoned men and women of any walk of life, and not only does such a program target every facet of your core’s strength & potential, but as always CALISTHENICS KINGZ GUARANTEES results from this program!* Witness how this program can bring even the most seasoned BAR ATHLETE to his knees, and step up to the plate if you dare.

BONUS CONTENT: Discover a detailed Behind-the-Scenes look at the CALISTHENIC KING himself, Hit Richards, during the photo shoot for this very DVD! As it’s been said, the proof is in the pudding… every detail you see in the physique of CALISTHENICS KINGZ athletes are 100% real and 100% natural. If you were expecting airbrushed & glamorized athletes, you’ve come to the wrong place.

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