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Calisthenics Kingz

is an organization of professional performance-based fitness training gurus who promote fitness through natural body weight exercises known as Calisthenics. We are NOT breakdancers. In fact we DON’T have any type of dancing background at ALL!!! We believe in a “Four D System”…Drive, Dedication, Discipline and Determination, which can be applied to any part of an individual’s life i.e. business, personal, academic and family.

Our mission

is to “Challenge YOU to Challenge Yourself”. The meaning of that mission statement is YOU are your biggest and best competitor. In challenging yourself, you can never lose. You can only better yourself. That’s why it is a win-win situation. In other words, we are challenging YOU to be the absolute best YOU can possible be. The basis of all our workouts is in the theory of Calisthenics, which is designed to develop muscular tone and promote physical well being. We believe very strongly in calisthenics exercises because they help to build inner strength, self awareness, self-esteem and improve overall body strength and conditioning. Calisthenics is dynamic for building balance, coordination, stability, posture and your core through natural body weight exercises. Calisthenics not only helps to achieve physical results but mental focus as well. It is truly the essence of ANY fitness program.

We believe

in human potential and the power of sport to change a person’s life in a positive way. We hope to inspire and motivate people of ALL ages (child and adult alike) to take an active role in their physical fitness and achieving better overall health. Which also includes having a well balanced nutritionist diet. For this is very important.

We are convinced that becoming fit and living a healthy lifestyle is the catalyst for positive change in people. We want to inspire everyone to be all they can be without the use of growth enhancements and/or drugs, etc. Helping others to achieve healthier lifestyles brings us a tremendous amount of satisfaction, for health is the most important thing in anyone’s life.

an important and sometimes forgotten component of fitness. It is one of the best fitness component because it requires resistance of a person’s natural body weight. It also requires little to NO equipment.

The Army, Navy, Marines Corp, Air Force, and all Law Enforcement Academies or training camps use Calisthenics as a physical conditioning tool to get their people in the best physical shape. Calisthenics promotes better health, fitness, and improves performance which requires varying levels of commitment to physical activity. These elements put together with a well balanced diet will help anyone achieve GUARANTEED results.


We are here to educate and help make people aware of the benefits of Calisthenics exercises.

Always remember there are many levels of Calisthenics from beginner to advanced, just like with any other fitness program. “A man’s worst enemy and best competitor is himself”.

Our workout consists of no machine, no mirror, focuses on movements, and muscles.


We teach & train: Motor fitness: running, jumping, pushing, and pulling, and progress each from beginner to professional athlete.

“Each one teach one,” to help one another through positive feedback and encouragement, to break through walls that held them back mentally and physically.

“Eat a whole food, plant based diet” and to understand why it is so beneficial to all.

“Full body exercise” that prevents & heals injuries & dramatically improves performance.

“Collective power” which is natural whole body exercises, natural whole food nutrition, and collectively helping each other. We want to wake everyone up so that they open their minds to experiencing how their bodies really work. We want to show people that the old ways of whole body exercises are still the best. We focus on moving toward a more positive, collective form of exercise that engages one’s entire body and mind, builds usable strength, and inspires physical and social confidence. Doing natural exercise in a fun and playful manner but yet extremely challenging helps people from all backgrounds learn from each other in a non-discriminating environment.